With every spoken word, the charm of the unknown dissolves. It’s in these moments that we step back, to be reminded of those untold stories and emotions of a silent look, a slight tender touch, a knowing smile… of all that was to be said, but never was.

Lajjoo Festive -UNSAID

Subtle nuances, thoughtful details expressed through a range of sarees and garments that say much without saying anything at all. Silks, elegant Banarasi Brocades and organzas in handwoven blush pinks, dusk yellows, moss greens and pristine whites add to our vocabulary of timeless classics. 

Long forgotten technique of Marodi embroidery elevates the silhouettes through its subtle nuances and complemented through intricate Zardozi embellishments that hold within each twine our shared yet seldom spoken heritage, culture and collective histories.

A festive collection that embraces conveying euphoric rise and subtle ebbing of emotions, sans the excess… sans the expressed.

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