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In a world that puts a premium on the now, where modernity is equivalent to abandoning the past and where speaking more and louder is the only way to get noticed, we willfully take a step back because for us being true to ourselves matters, because being grounded matters. We prefer doing things in our own simple and unique way. Our quiet confidence comes from our life story, our master craftsmanship and having a clear vision; that seeps into everything that we create - a distilled blend of our past and present. We welcome you to our world, we welcome you to your world...... Lajjoo.

A city woven with threads of culture, tradition, thought and expression, Bombay has stood stoically observing it all - enveloping everything within her. Our inspiration is rooted in the heart of this cities’ spirit and all that makes it so enigmatic. Of all that moves ahead, however continues to be connected to the past. At Lajjoo, we celebrate the rich traditions that have been passed on from one generation to the next - the innumerable techniques, weaves, ornamentation and colours; and bring them alive in our own unique way that is relevant for today…which is relevant for you.

about lajjoo

Stepping back in time, where slow was the norm, designs conveyed a story, craftsmanship was paramount and each garment had a story to tell.


Lajjoo draws from an unparalleled heritage exploring textiles and designs and bringing them to appreciators today. Revisiting techniques such as zardozi, aari, bandhini and marodi; to handwoven textiles like Banarasis, Chanderis, velvets and cottons, we continue to create a contemporary conversation of traditional designs. We believe in understated luxury where being grounded matters to us and our creations.

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