Lajjoo C is synonymous with understated luxury through exceptional craftsmanship. Lajjoo C outfits are timeless classics that become heirloom pieces. The craft of a Lajjoo C is subtle, but the colours are Indian Bold which is a unique blend. Our outfits are a celebration of the riot of colours that our country and our culture celebrate.

Her style is innovative and inventive, and her creations are comfortable for the Indian woman. Individuality and elegance are an important part of a woman’s sensuality, which is why Lajjoo personally conceives, develops and guides the creation of each piece before it reaches your closet.

We felt a gap in the market for clothing that is transitional, that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. And that is where we struck our balance of Indian traditions and contemporary styles. We wish to stay relevant to every demographic, steering away from ever-changing trends.

Trends may come and go but we want your Lajjoo C outfit to remain forever, it’s just another piece of clothing in your wardrobe but rather an heirloom that you would want your daughters or granddaughters to inherit.

We believe our philosophy which blends with contemporary flavours, unique fabrics, and a fine fusion of comfortable cuts and intricate Indian craftsmanship would always be eternal. The brand is not just sophisticated. It is rich in taste. It is an art form. It is poetry. And at its core, it is good. And like all good things, there shouldn’t be too much of it.